Quality your customers will demand at prices you can afford

Too often, in the pursuit of profit, the cheapest product to print on is chosen. Unfortunately it often happens that the job is rejected by the client because of the low quality, turning an expected profit into a loss (A cheap buy is an expensive buy). Be smart, start with quality!

Premium metal mugs and tumblers

Our tumblers and mugs are made from high-grade, food-grade stainless steel and our sports bottles are made from food grade aluminium, all made with a high-quality sublimation coating. This ensures bright, vibrant, high-quality images, coupled with food safety for, a high value product that practically sells itself.

Low end metal items tend to rust on the inside – very bad for repeat business.

For the best results and full wrap around prints, we recommend using our shrink material and an oven rather than a mug press.  The shrink material will allow you to print on a much larger surface area than a mug press. The shrink material can be purchased in different sized bags or, better still, by the meter, ensuring maximum versatility.

Metal sheets

Made from only the finest materials, our collection of metal sheets showcase exceptional quality and unparalleled durability. Provide the perfect canvas for your creative projects, ensuring vibrant and long-lasting results that will impress even the most discerning customers. Elevate your sublimation printing experience with our remarkable metal substrates.

Ceramic Products

We supply high quality ceramic mugs, tiles, plates, bowls and pretty much anything ceramic, purchased from high quality manufacturers. We only sell quality.

  • JG Electronics sells multiple grades of mugs from A grade to AAA grade at the lowest price for the grade.
  • Mugs are graded by the factory manufacturing them after a visual inspection per mug - the straighter the mug and more uniform the sides, rim and handle coupled with the colour determine the grade – Not some salesperson’s claims.
  • Higher grade = higher price.  There’s no possible way that a AAA grade mug be cheaper than a C grade mug not matter what your supplier tells you.
  • The straighter the mug the easier it is to decorate.
  • Very few sublimation suppliers in China coat their own mugs – They buy them pre-coated. We deal with 2 of just a handful that do their own coating, meaning no matter the grade you buy from us, the coating is superb.
  • Colour change mugs are not dishwasher safe.

Wooden Products

When it comes to wood products, JG Electronics has got you covered. From Hardboard and MDF imported from the USA (no lower quality substitutes used here), to Bamboo, synthetic bamboo, plywood and Real Wood™, all made specifically for sublimation use, we have everything you could possibly want in thicknesses ranging from 3mm right up to 16mm.

While some products are imported already complete, we have our own CNC and laser cutting machinery, meaning we can cut almost anything you. The customer might need custom designs. It also means that instead of running out of a product we can just cut whatever quantity is required.

By sourcing the best quality raw material, you get products which not only sell themselves but also don’t result in customer returns.

Metal Products

Welcome to our one-stop shop for a wide range of sublimation metal products, where creativity knows no bounds. We take pride in offering an extensive selection of premium metal items that cater to diverse needs and artistic expressions. From lighters to keyrings and everything in between, our collection provides a range of metal products for your sublimation printing business. Each product is to ensure exceptional heat conductivity, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting prints that captivate the eye. Whether you're a seasoned professional seeking to expand your product line or a hobbyist with a passion for personalized gifts, our sublimation metal products are the ideal choice to bring your designs to life. Explore the possibilities of sublimation artistry with our top-of-the-line metal products and unlock a world of creative potential.

Fabric Products

We take immense pride in offering an extensive assortment of customizable fabric products designed to meet your unique needs.

Our diverse range includes T-shirts, oven gloves, bags, soft toys, backpacks, aprons, cushions, and more, each serving as a perfect canvas for personalization.

These fabric products are meticulously crafted from a selection of high-quality materials, including denim, canvas, linen, hessian, and various types of polyester fabrics.

Rest assured, we maintain stringent standards, selling only the finest fabric products to ensure optimal print quality that exceeds expectations. Embrace the freedom of personal expression with our premium fabric collection and experience the excellence of personalized prints like never before.

Muggit Sublimer™ and Sublimer 2T™ products

Muggit Sublimer is a type of polymer made specifically for image transfers. It can be both laser cut and CNC cut.

It’s available in 2 different types – white in 3mm and 6mm thickness and a 2-tone product which is white on the one side and clear on the other, available in 5mm and 20mm thicknesses.

The white product has a sublimation coating that is applied to the material during the manufacturing process. This makes it part of the item, meaning you can print on both sides. There’s also no separate coating which can be scratched off.

It’s inexpensive, waterproof, mould proof, and extremely durable. We’ve tested it as floor tiles in a warehouse with forklifts and trucks driving over it for weeks with little to no damage to the print. It can be used both indoors and outdoors (outdoor lifespan depends on the inks you’re using).

The 2-Tone product has a white sublimation coating applied to a clear base material. When the sublimation transfer is done, it goes through the white and is trapped between the white and the clear material, giving the print a 3D look.

One of the most amazing things about this material (with the exception of the 20mm product) is that it can be bent/moulded/shaped immediately after pressing, while it’s still hot, allowing you to produce unique, finished products not possible with any other product.

Polymer Products

Polymer products don’t have a sublimation coating as the substrate itself is a solid version of the sublimation coating. This means excellent quality and definition combined with exceptional durability.

Polymer products are 100% food safe and perfect for use by children and adults alike. A massive advantage of the polymer drinkware is that they don’t break if dropped. These advantages make them ideal for children and the infirm.

Our polymer keyrings are made from virgin material for best results, and there are no impurities in the keyring that can affect the longevity or transfer of your print.

Rubber Products

Looking for rubber coasters, mousepads, placemats, and the others alike?

Not only do we sell these items, but we also sell the raw material by the meter or by the roll. You can therefore cut your own products and shapes out of the material.

Our rubber rolls have a white polyester material applied to them during the vulcanising process. This means excellent quality prints without the possibility of the printable layer delaminating from the rubber.

The best way to cut this material is by craft knife or die cutter.

Glass Products

Glass products exude class and are perfect for higher-end customers. We have a wide range to appeal to most of our customers' taste.

Glass is one of the most difficult substrates to get a coating to stick to. This bumps up the price for coatings that do not just flake off over time. 

While glass sublimation printable products can never be 100% blemish free on the printable side, we carefully select products that are as blemish free as possible, with the best most even coating, the highest rate of fade resistance, and which give you the highest quality print with vibrant colours.