Wood Burning Gel/Paste - Torch Paste®

Introducing the original, and still the best, wood burning gel – Torch Paste®. Superior quality wood burning gel giving you the best results and the longest shelf life, no wonder it’s recommended by both Cricut™ and Silhouette Cameo® users.

Wood Burning - An Extra Money Maker

Often, we get asked if there's a way to etch wood. There is a demand in the corporate and gift markets for wooden products which look like they were laser engraved with a logo or message. Up to now, experimenting with transfers on wood has posed challenges, especially considering the varying results obtained with different wood types. You could laser engrave onto the wood, but laser engravers are expensive.

The Solution? Torch Paste®

Anyone with a vinyl cutter and a heat gun or heat press can use these items together with Torch Paste® to burn designs into wooden items. With this wood-burning paste, you can produce a truly professional result with very little effort. This opens a whole new profitable market. For more intricate designs a screen-printed template can also be used.

What about the competition?

We have tried a number of competitive products, many of which are cheaper than Torch Paste®, but we found that:

  • the shelf life was not nearly as long.
  • the burn was not nearly as black (as seen in the picture below).
  • the gel would start peeling off the product, sometimes very quickly.

See https://torchpaste.com for more info.

The Original, and still the best, wood-burning gel imported from the USA

  • This product has the longest shelf life and the best adhesion of any of the wood-burning gels we’ve tested.
  • A little goes a very long way.
  • Google them and you will see that they are the gold standard of wood-burning gels. Their website is https://torchpaste.com.