Wood Burning Paste

Wood Burning - An Extra Money Maker

Often, we get asked, is there some way of etching wood?  There is a demand in the corporate and gift markets for wooden products which look like they were laser engraved with a logo or message. Up to now, you could do a transfer, though that has been difficult as different woods give different results or you could laser engrave but laser engravers are expensive.

Now we have a solution: Torch Paste and XyloPaste

Anyone with a vinyl cutter and a heat gun or heat press can use these items together with

Torch Paste or Xylopaste to burn designs into wooden items. With these wood-burning pastes, you can produce a truly professional result with very little effort. This opens a whole new market for you.


Helpful Tip: How to make 15mm genuine bamboo boards with wood burning paste food safe

When using our 15mm genuine bamboo cutting board, pizza board or any other genuine bamboo products with Xylo paste or Torch paste wood burning gel, simply finish it off by applying food-grade cutting board / butcher block mineral oil to make it food safe before use.

Food-grade cutting board / butchers block mineral oil is not available at JG Electronics.


Torch Paste

Muggit™ Xylo Paste

The pre-eminent economical wood burning paste ideal for South African conditions:

  • Extremely affordable – a fraction of the price of international brands
  • A little goes a very long way
  • Great results with very little effort
  • Can be applied over a silkscreen or vinyl stencil or even painted onto the wood product
  • Must be used with a heat gun to activate the wood-burning process
  • 6 Month Lifespan once opened

The Difference Between Torch Paste And Xylo Paste

Both products produce a great result with the only major difference (other than cost) being that the Torchpaste burns more evenly and darker than the Xylo paste. The only way you will notice the difference is if you try both on the same artwork. The Torch Paste also has a longer shelf life once opened but costs more than 2.5x the price.  We recommend you try both and stick with the one you are most happy with.