Silhouette® Cameo

With all-new updated engineering, the Silhouette Cameo 5 electronic cutting machine is the fastest, most accurate, and quietest machine in Silhouette's lineup. Powdered by Silhouette Studio®, it is perfect for both beginners and pros to use. A more robust machine with a quieter operation​, equipped with a smooth opening lid architecture​ and improved registration mark reading​ for Print & Cut jobs. Cutting at 30cm wide, using the Silhouette Cameo 5 business cutter will give you endless possibilities for your business. It is a perfect add-on for an existing branding business or as a standalone vinyl cutter for a small to medium business.

The Creative Possibilities With The Silhouette® Cameo 5 Are Endless

  • Cutting width: 300mm
  • Max cutting depth 0.3cm/ 3mm height clearance for thicker materials​.
  • Maximum cutting length: 61cm with a cutting mat.
  • Matless cutting capabilities: Cut 488cm without a mat.
  • Maximum Cutting Force: Carriage 1: 300 gf and Carriage 2: 5 kgf (highest in machine class)
  • Powerful FREE software that is versatile yet incredibly easy for you and your employees to master. 
  • SilhouetteStudio® is perfect for both beginners and pros.
  • Interface: USB 2.0 (Full-speed) / Bluetooth®.
  • Multiple blade options.
  • Blades: Most Silhouette Cameo 4 blades fit & work in the Silhouette Cameo 5 vinyl cutter.
  • Automatic cutting tool detection - An auto-set blade which is set to the correct depth by the software according to the substrate being cut.
  • Mac & PC compatible.
  • Software upgrades: Should your business expand and the Cameo isn't able to cope with your volumes, You can simply upgrade your free edition to the Business Edition software. This upgrade provides the ability to connect multiple machines to the same PC and run multiple jobs simultaneously. Software upgrades can be purchased online. You can see the full comparison of packages here -
  • Three levels of software upgrades that gives you the functionality such as barcodes, plug-ins for CorelDRAW®, advanced tracing, tracing by colour, tiling, nesting, advanced warping, puzzle generation, importation of embroidery files, and more.

What you can cut

  • Cut heat transfer vinyl (videoflex) for branding t-shirts & fabrics.
  • Cut sticker vinyl for business branding and wall murals for rooms and more.
  • Cut a full range of pre-printed sublimation patterns which can be cut and transferred to decorate sublimation coated products if you don’t own a sublimation printer.
  • Cuts stencil for acid etching (glass etching), wood burning gel, fabric paint, wall art, stamp making, and sandblasting.
  • Can cut with or without a cutting mat.
  • Tracing option standard with advanced tracing options with a software upgrade.
  • Can draw words/designs with standard gel pens as well as the VC Cameo Pen Starter kit (needs a pen holder).
  • Draw sublimation words and sketch designs using Sublimation Craft Marker Pens (needs a pen holder), in your vinyl cutter. With sublimation ink already in the pen, it allows you to transfer your sketches on a wide range of sublimatable items from JG Electronics.
  • Sketch foil designs (foil stamping) for award certificates, business cards, event invites and more on cardstock using the VC Foil Heat Pen  with Heat Transfer Stamping Foils. 
  • Can cut paper, cardstock, some fabrics and loads more

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