Button Badge Press

A Button Badge press is an in-expensive yet extremely robust and durable machine, allowing you to make the ever-popular button badges. 

The Perfect Add-On For Any Existing Business

  • You can print on plain paper with a standard printer and ink. Inkjet is the best for this task.
  • Professional results with minimum effort and good profit.
  • Made in the USA – excellent durability.
  • Available in 56mm, 37mm and 25mm sizes.
  • Industrial-grade machine.
  • Wide variety of buttons like magnets, pin badges, and more.

What Do I Need To Start This Business?

  • Normal printer and ink.
  • Plain/glossy paper.
  • Button press with included punch.
  • NO electricity or heat is needed for this business.

How It Works

  • Create your designs by using our free template provided.
  • Print your design on plain or glossy paper with a standard printer.
  • Punch out your circle print with the included punch tool.
  • Press the button parts together with the button press.
  • You can watch the step-by-step video, shown below, to learn how to operate this machine.

Custom badges are very popular with school kids, corporates, promotional giveaways, branding purposes, and events. Create inexpensive badges for charity fundraisers/voting campaigns, kids backpack accessories, or memorabilia magnets of your favourite holiday destination. The creativity is limitless.

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