Muggit™ Sublimer™

Introducing a revolutionary new product which is the biggest evolution in both sublimation and laser transfers of the decade - Muggit™ Sublimer™!  A first of its kind acrylic type product that prints brilliantly, yet can also be bent into practically any shape and form with the application of heat, without damaging the full photographic colour print.

Endless Possibilities With Sublimer™

When printed with sublimation, the print goes into the substrate and is thus extremely hardy.  It's almost impossible to damage the product under normal wear and tear conditions, not even with chemicals.  Pretty much the only way to damage the print is to chip away at the acrylic material itself.  It can also be safely used on floors (we've tested it in a driveway with cars and forklifts running over it daily with no damage to the print). Water can’t damage it either and only chemicals which damage the acrylic will harm the print. It can be used outdoors with the outdoor endurance is dependent upon the inks used and their UV stability.  We have tested with Sawgrass™ inks and it still looks fantastic in direct sunlight after 6 months.

When printing Sublimer™ with the laser transfer process in combination with the Forever™ Multitrans hard surfaces paper, you can get either a gloss or matte effect depending on the print process. Abrasion resistance is higher than most other hard surface transfers.

Sublimation acrylic sheets can be used for pretty much any application including:

  • Table & shelf talkers.
  • Wedding signage and props.
  • POS & retail signage.
  • POS shields (branded).
  • Photographic light boxes.
  • Awards.
  • Floor & wall tiles.
  • Placemats, cutting boards, and coasters.
  • Kitchen splashback in full photographic colour.
  • Bathroom decorations.
  • Plates, bowls, and Utensils.
  • Keyrings and ornaments.
  • Name badges.
  • Puzzles and educational toys.

Bend, Mould, Or Shape

In short, pretty much anything you can think of that standard acrylic or Perspex® is used for.

The product is available in opal (white) and clear, in both 3mm and 6mm varieties. The opal is more suited to sublimation.

The Sublimer™ sheet price compares very favourably with that of a standard non-printable acrylic sheet sold domestically.

One of the most amazing things about this material is that it can be bent, moulded, or shaped immediately after pressing while it is still hot, allowing for the production of a printed product which is truly unique.

All the items in the pictures began as flat sheets and were either laser-cut into the shapes you see or molded or bent while hot.

Muggit™ Sublimer™ 2-Tone (5mm)

The Muggit™ Sublimer™ 2-Tone product is similar to the standard Sublimer™ product with the difference that it’s 5mm thick and is clear on one side and white on the other side.

The sublimation transfer is applied to the white side of the product. The print migrates through the white so that when looking at the printed product from the clear side, it gives a 3D effect. Prints done on the 2 tone product are crisper than the plain Sublimer™.

Just like the Sublimer™, it can be shaped while hot. If used on products with sizes A3 and larger, it needs to be kept under pressure while cooling down to prevent warping.  A secondary T-shirt press that’s not powered works perfectly for this application.

The 2-Tone Sublimer™ is NOT suitable for the laser transfer process.

All of the items above can be purchased either in pre-cut shapes or in flat sheets which the purchaser can cut themselves. They can be cut with either laser or CNC machines.

Additionally JG Electronics sells a range of moulds which can be used to mould the printed Sublimer™ into predetermined shapes.

Sublimer Photo Card 2T-L2 2
Coaster 2T round

Muggit™ Sublimer™ 2-Tone (20mm)

This is the 20mm thick version of the 2-Tone Sublimer™ material and the thickness of the material gives the 2-Tone Sublimer™ material incredible dimensional stability (which means it doesn’t warp when hot), as well as the most incredible 3D effect. The finished product is truly mesmerizing. This product is ideal for high-end customers and kids. Due to it’s thickness, products made from this material (like kids puzzles) minimize the choking hazard as children cannot fully insert them into their mouths.


Muggit™ Thin Sublimer™

Introducing thin Sublimer™, a 0.3mm thick sublimation printable plastic which can be laser cut, cut with scissors or a craft knife and even be cut by some vinyl cutters (we used the Cameo 4).

It’s thin enough to allow light through (so you can make lamp shades and lanterns out of it), yet sturdy enough to be used for a whole host of other products including things like jewellery, ornaments, caps, etc. Only one side is sublimation printable, but the transfer is superb. Since it's plastic, it's impervious to water and most chemicals, making it perfect for harsh environments.

This product is sold in sheets for the customer to produce their own unique products.

Here, you can see some products we have made from our product, which we sell in 60cm x 50cm sheets.