Vinyl Cutter Overview

305mm Cutting Width

203mm Cutting Width

The creative possibilities with the Silhouette® range of vinyl cutters are endless. Here are just a few:

  •  Cut fabric, foam, felt and design your own custom apparel, masks etc.
  •  Create personalized home décor or give a party a personal touch
  •  Make Stickers, vinyl decals, vehicle decals and temporary tattoos
  •  Make stencils to etch glasses and mirrors
  •  Construct a school project or create custom invitations for all occasions
  •  Cut a wide variety of materials up to 3mm thick and save time in doing it
  •  Brand fabrics, wood, candles glass etc.

Brand pretty much anything that can withstand some heat for 10 seconds, including shirts, shoes, pants, metal, wood etc.  The list is endless.  This fabulous and affordable cutter will create a valuable source of income for your business.

The Silhouette range of vinyl cutters doesn't need an internet connection to cut.

Some competing machines will only work if they are connected to the internet. There is no limit to the jobs you can cut with Silhouette Cameo. No paid subscriptions are needed if you want to cut more than a few jobs a month. The Cameo is optimised for business use.