Silhouette Cameo 4 Business Cutter

  • Cutting Width: 30.5cm
  • Cutting Depth: 3mm
  • Cutting Force: 5000gf (you can cut through much thicker/denser materials)
  • Tools:  Auto Blade, Ratchet Blade, Kraft Blade, Rotary Blade, Premium Blade, Heat Foil Pen, Pen Holder, Punch Tool and more
  • Cuts materials such as:  Can cut up to 300 different types of materials for example, Fabric, Foam, Cardstock, Paper, Stencils and Stencil Vinyl, Heat transfer Vinyl, Sticker Vinyl, Some Leather and lots more

Videoflex - Heat Transfer Vinyl

You can choose from our wide range of Heat transfer vinyl colours, and then use the Auto Blade that comes with the Silhouette Cameo machine, to make fantastic t-shirt designs or decorate other fabric products, diaries, and most hard surfaces, even if not specially coated. As long as it can withstand heat from about 165 degrees Celsius, and 12 seconds.

Numbers on soccer shirts for instance are done with this process.

Matless Pop-Out Cuts

The Cameo can also do matless pop out cuts, out of materials such as cardstock.

Pop out cuts are when less force is being applied, to create the tabs to hold the material pieces in place.

When the cutting is finished, you can unload the material, and pop out your cuts.

Sticker Vinyl and Print-and-Cut Stickers

You will also be able to cut sticker vinyl, and do print and cut stickers. Print and cut stickers are where you print the sticker, and the vinyl cutter will cut it out.

It will cut around the sticker while leaving the backing material intact. You can also cut stickers from Sticker vinyl to decorate bottles, pot plants, or other products.

You can do Wall-art, or create stickers for cars, windows, and so much more. We have a wide range of sticker vinyl colours you can choose from.

We also have Sublimation sticker vinyl, that is water-resistant. You will need a Sublimation printer and heat press for this Sublimation sticker vinyl.

Stencil Cutting: Cameo 4 & Portrait 3

Cut stencils for:

  • Fabric painting
  • Create stencils for a cosmetic business or do face painting at an event
  • Create stencils for wall painting or furniture painting
  • You can make fun kid's stencils, for schools, or at home
  • Create stencils for floor painting
  • or even create stamps for your business
  • You can make screen printing or sandblasting stencils
  • You can do Acid Glass Etching Stencils - Glass etching is the simplest way to produce a true sandblasted effect, without resorting to the messy sandblasting proses. We sell the glass etching cream at JG Electronics.
  • Create Wood Burning Gel Stencils - you can create stencils for the gel, which allows you to achieve laser engraver type results on wood, without needing a laser engraver. JG electronics represent Torch paste, which is the leading wood-burning-gel in South Africa.
  • and more...
Sublimation Craft Transfer Papers

You can also cut Sublimation Craft Paper with the cameo. To use this paper, you only need a Vinyl cutter and a heat press.

Sublimation Craft paper is a pre-printed sublimation pattern, or plain colour paper, that can be cut with the Cameo, and transferred onto pretty much any Sublimation-coated blank product, including polyester fabric or shirts, metal products, wooden products, ceramics, glass and more.

Sublimation Craft paper is also available at JG Electronics:

You can do amazing designs on T-shirts, by using the Sublimation Craft paper together with our Soft Polyester Subli Dark fabric transfer sheets for sublimation on dark shirts.

In place of the Subliy Dark thin fabric sheets, you can also use Subly Flock or Subly Fabric to create these types of shirts.

All of these you can find at JG Electronics.

I also used the Subly Craft paper on mugs.

You can either remove the background of your design and only have the text or logo transferring to your product, like this.

Or you can leave the background to transfer, and remove the text and logo, then it will look like this.

Foiling Pen: Cameo 4 & Portrait 3

The Heat Foiling Pen allows you to hot foil like a pro! Certificates and cards for special occasions have never been easier to produce.

Pen Holder: Cameo 4 & Portrait 3

You can also add a pen holder to the cameo vinyl cutter to draw amazing designs on any paper or cardstock.

Silhouette Studio Software: Cameo 4 

The Silhouette software has a lot more design tools and functions, than other cutter software out there, this allows you to do more advanced designs and be able to create images from scratch in the software.

  • The Silhouette Studio Software is perfect for beginners and pros.
  • With this software you can choose the materials you want to cut from a list of materials in the software and it will automatically give you the tool settings for these specific materials.
  • If the cut setting does not work for you, you have the option to change the settings to whatever you want. This allows you to even cut material that is not listed in Silhouette Studio.
  • By settings I mean you can change the blade size, the force the speed, and the number of passes you want to do by simply entering the correct settings you need into the software.
  • It also has the function of doing a small test cut so that you can make sure you have the correct settings before you cut the full design.
  • There are three levels of software upgrades that give functionality such as Barcodes, plug-ins for CorelDRAW design software ®, advanced tracing, tracing by colour, tiling, nesting, advanced warping, puzzle generation, importation of embroidery files, and so on. You will find the full comparison of packages in the link below:
  • Should your business grow, and the cameo isn’t able to cope with your volumes, instead of having to purchase a larger machine, simply by upgrading to the business edition software you get the ability to connect multiple machines to the same PC and run multiple jobs simultaneously.
  • Data storage is offline or on the Silhouette Studio cloud.