Prestige DTF Shaker Oven

Auto vs Manual Powder Shakers And Curing Ovens

Low-end DTF systems use just the powder and a tray and you have to put the powder on the print and shake it by hand to spread the powder. Then either bake the powder until it fused with the inks under your heat press or more recently with an infrared oven. This process is very inefficient but is fine for a low-speed printer like the A4 unit. We do however recommend an infrared oven with a filter system so that you’re not breathing in the fumes as the powder cures on the print

More Advanced Systems

More advanced systems, like the one pictured here, automate the process seamlessly. The print emerges from the printer and feeds directly into the auto shaker and curing unit, ensuring an even layer of powder and perfect curing. Additionally, an auto take-up spooler is incorporated, allowing you to leave the printer to produce prints while you focus on other tasks. Our units are equipped with an integrated air filter system featuring user-replaceable filters.


Miro 13 DTF Powder Shaker and Oven

Miro 13 is the DTF Station's newest automatic DTF powder shaker and dryer, developed specifically to pair alongside DTF Station's A3 and A4 sized DTF solutions. Due to more optimized and even heating, power consumption is 1100W on the Miro 13, making for a more efficient powdering solution. Plus, the built-in air purifier on the Miro 13 ensures a safer, more eco-friendly working environment that saves space taken by an external air purifier.

• Built-in air purifier & smoke recycling system: Save space and more eco-friendly for your workspace.
• Lower heating system: More even heating and curing.
• Easy to operate control panel.
• Compact size.
• Easy to operate:
Powder shaking, curing, and air purifying in one machine.
• Simple set-up:
Turn the power on and start.
• Media width: 330mm.
• Machine weight: 35kg.
• Machine Dimensions: 1017mm x 570mm x 506mm.
• Warranty: 1 year.

Seismo M16 DTF Powder Shaker and Oven

The Seismo M16 shaker and oven was engineered for DTF printing entrepreneurs who operate their business with limited workspace and are looking for an affordable and automatic powdering machine.  It provides an affordable option for those looking to shake powder and cure films in one machine.

• Maximum media width: 450mm large media width allows for the printing of larger designs without any issues. This feature provides greater design flexibility and allows printing on a wider range of materials.
• Amount of powder applied at one time: 0.3kg.
• Powder Collection Drawer: Yes.
• Machine Size: 870mm x 970mm x 1113mm.
• Powder Filling Box: No.
• Built-In Purifier: No (The purifier is separate. Using a purifier makes your workspace more eco-friendly).
• Shaker oven: Compatible with Prestige DTF L2 station model.
• Film curing: The Seismo M16 can also be used for film curing, ensuring that the final product is durable and long-lasting.
• Control panel: User-friendly, making it easy to operate the machine with just a few clicks.
• Efficient and even powder shaking: The Seismo M16 shaking mechanism is efficient, ensuring that powder is evenly distributed over your DTF film.
• Durable build: The machine is built to last, with sturdy construction that can withstand the demands of daily use.
• Low noise operation: The Seismo powder shaker operates quietly, making it a great choice for businesses operating in shared spaces.
• Warranty: 1 year.
• Special order on request (Non-refundable deposit).

DTF Curing Oven

The DTF IR curing oven is perfect for curing your DTF prints up to 50 x 40cm! Once you have printed your image and applied the DTF powder over your print you would need to cure the powder, this is where you would need to use the DTF IR curing oven. This oven is equipped with an integrated fume filter designed to purify any fumes generated during the curing process, thereby releasing clean air and ensuring the safety of your production space. Additionally, the new lower heating system and gas spring lifting mechanism help to ensure your prints cure with less power consumption and more even heating.

• Cure transfers within 1 minute at 1100C - 1200C.
• Bottom heating element: For more and even heating rather than older models with a top element.
• Self contained purification system.
• Digital control unit: Easy to set and allows precise settings of temperature and time for consistent results.
• Built-in purifier: Removes potentially fumes and particles passing through oven during the curing process.
• Easy to use.
• 1 year warranty.

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