Cameo Value Bundle

The Silhouette Cameo® 5 Value Bundle

This is the perfect bundle for home users who want to earn some extra cash and small businesses alike.  All the items in this bundle have been carefully selected to give the user the most value for their money and allow them to produce a large variety of professional quality products with good earning potential.

The System Includes

  • Silhouette Cameo® 5 business vinyl cutter, with the included software.
  • Muggit ™ Craft Express press (30.48cm x 25.4cm).
  • Heat transfer vinyl: 25cm x 100cm of each white and black.
  • Sublimation craft transfer sheet pack (design/patterns may differ from the image provided).
  • Cameo hook set: hook tool set for weeding vinyl (set of 3 tools).
  • Comprehensive manual and instructions.
  • TorchPaste: wood burning paste.
  • Etching Vinyl - A small sample is included.


Upgrade Or Extras You Can Add To The System

  • Cap attachment for craft press.
  • Mug attachment for craft press.
  • Sawgrass™ A4 sublimation printer with inks.

Info On The Included

Silhoutte Cameo 5 - Front

Silhouette Cameo® 5 Business Vinyl Cutter

The Cameo 5 is a small-sized yet extremely versatile vinyl cutter for business applications. The included software is very easy to master and can be upgraded online to a more powerful version right up to the business version which allows you to connect multiple Cameos to the same PC which is very useful for when your business grows.

Muggit cameo value bundle T-shirt craft heat press

Muggit™ Craft Express Craft Press(30.48cm x 25.4cm)

A small heat press which has optional attachments for pressing mugs and caps. The craft press will be used to press flat products for example T-shirts, wood, metal, fabric products, and so on.  Using the included pre-printed craft sublimation sheets, you can transfer onto any sublimation product (for mugs, other cylindrical objects, and caps, you will need the optional cap and mug attachments).


Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat transfer vinyl comes in a large number of colours and patterns. It is cut with the Cameo and can be transferred to fabrics, diaries, and most hard surfaces, even if not specially coated. This process is commonly used for applying numbers on soccer shirts.


Torch Paste – Wood Burning Paste

Torch paste allows you to try your hand at wood burning (in other words achieving laser engraver-type results on wood without needing a laser engraver).


Craft Express Transfer Sheets

These sheets are pre-printed sublimation patterns which can be cut with the Portrait and transferred onto pretty much any coated blanks including mugs, caps, polyester shirts, metal, wood, and so on.


Cameo Hook Set

The hook tool set is for weeding vinyl, this is what you will use to remove all unwanted pieces from your cut out design.  It is a set of 3 tools.

More Info Videos About The System

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