Heat Transfer Vinyl (Videoflex)


The Muggit ™ brand of Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) is a premium grade polyurethane vinyl with a heat and pressure sensitive adhesive on the reverse.  Polyurethane HTV is more expensive than HTV made from PVC. Once cut, the HTV is applied to the product with a heat press.

While PVC HTV is sold in South Africa, we do NOT sell it as PVC contains dangerous chemical additives including phthalates, lead, cadmium, and/or organotin, which can be toxic to children. PVC is banned in many countries and very strictly regulated in others.

HTV is available in standard colours as well as colours and textures that are impossible to print like glitter, reflective, neon, metallic, glow-in-the-dark, puff (raised), flock, etc.

JG Electronics stocks around 90 different types and colours, including our new sublimation printable flock and fabric additions. Out thinnest material is 80 microns thick. The thinner the material the easier to is to cut and weed fine details and the better the wash durability.

The vinyl can be cut into words, logo’s or shapes with a vinyl cutter, weeded (the unwanted vinyl is removed), applied to the substrate and heat pressed. The heat and pressure activate the adhesive and the vinyl sticks to your product. It’s even possible to transfer multiple colours, types and styles on-top of each other.

An unknown fact about HTV is that it does not only work on fabrics, but on practically any substrate that can withstand a minimum temperature of 160°C for 10 seconds.  We have customers who routinely use it on coated mugs. If pressed onto a Muggit™ coated mug, the transfer vinyl is dishwasher safe.

HTV can be purchased from JGE by the meter or as a full roll.

Sticker Vinyl

Vinyl, more commonly referred to as Sticker Vinyl, has a tacky adhesive reverse side which makes it stick to the surface to which it is applied, without the application of heat.

The vinyl can be cut into words, logo’s or shapes with a vinyl cutter, weeded (the unwanted vinyl is removed) and applied to the substrate with transfer tape.

It is used in signage and to decorate a variety of surfaces like walls, windows, cars, wood, metal, plastic, etc.