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Muggit™ 2

It's the ideal system for a small business wanting to earn additional income without risking a ton of money. The widely popular Cameo 5 business vinyl cutter coupled with an A4 T-shirt press keeps the costs down while allowing for higher volume production.

There is a large market for sayings, simple logos and numbers on shirts as well as vinyl stickers. A shirt with a snappy shirt retails for R200 or more, while the cost to produce the saying is under R20.  Add a low-cost shirt and you can see how profitable it is. Many people buy shirts of their favourite sports team and want a number added to the back – the cost for this number is under R20, but people offering this service charge R100 or more.

The heat transfer vinyl can be layered to give multiple colours and effects and is available in colours that aren’t possible to print with a printer such as neon, metallic, puff, flock, glow in the dark, colour change, and so on.  The transfer vinyl can be used on pretty much any surface that can handle 130-160°C for 10 seconds including mirrors, ceramics, metal, and even wood.

The System Includes

  • Muggit™ Swing Away Heat Press – 23cm x 30 cm (with a 2-year warranty on the element).
  • Silhouette Cameo® 5 business vinyl cutter – with the included software.
  • Heat transfer vinyl – 1m of white and black.
  • Scraper.
  • Cameo hook set - hook tool set for weeding vinyl (set of 3 tools).
  • Comprehensive manual and instructions.

Upgrades Or Extras You Can Add To The System

  • Upgrade to a 38 x 38cm heat press.
  • Upgrade to a 50cm x 40cm heat press.
  • Add a Sawgrass™ A4 sublimation printer with inks.

Info On The Included

Silhoutte Cameo 5 - Front

SILHOUETTE Cameo® 5 Business Vinyl Cutter

Silhouette Cameo® 5 Business Vinyl Cutter (Cuts up to 305mm Wide). Free support pack included.

Muggit T-Shirt Press A4 Front


Muggit™ Tshirt press - 23cm x 30cm swingaway. Free support pack included. 2 Year Warranty (from 10.08.21)


Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat transfer vinyl comes in a large number of colours and patterns. It is cut with the Portrait and can be transferred to fabrics, diaries, and most hard surfaces even if not specially coated. Numbers on soccer shirts for instance are done with this process.  From one 1m of transfer vinyl, you can easily cut 12 numbers which can be sold for upwards of R 35 each, meanwhile, the material costs R 10.50 (standard colours).



Squeegee / Scraper for vinyl, videoflex, transfers, and cameo crafts


Cameo Hook Set

The hook tool set is for weeding vinyl, this is what you will use to remove all the unwanted pieces from your cut out design.  It is a set of 3 tools.

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