Glass Etching Cream - Armour Etch®

What is glass etching?

Armour Etch® is a fast acting, specially formulated glass etching compound that allows you to create permanent etched designs by using your Silhouette™ vinyl cutter, etching vinyl and etching cream. Etching cream, when applied to a surface, removes the shine from household glassware, windows, and mirror, leaving a rough frosted effect. This makes the etched surface area look like it has been sand blasted. Armour Etch® is made in the USA.

What Can I Decorate And Personalise?

Only glass products can be decorated; if it's not glass, you cannot expect any results.

In just a few simple quick steps you can create personalised etched designs on items such as wine glasses, glass jars, champagne glasses, whiskey glasses, mirrors, and more.

Armour Etch® etching cream comes in 3 bottle sizes.

  • 2.8oz (82.81ml)
  • 10oz (295ml)
  • 22oz (650ml)

Glass etching pro kit.

Our glass etching pro kit is a lovely kit that has all the essential items and tools you will need to use to decorate and create cool etched designs on glass items and more.