Craft Mug Press

Muggit™ Tumbler Mug Press

This amazing Tumbler Mug Heat Press is extra wide. You can now print and transfer larger size prints onto tumblers, beer mugs, sports bottles, and other products that can fit into the mug tumbler press. It's the perfect heat press for customising your drinkware.

This is an amazing extra wide mug tumbler that you can add to your small, personalised transfer printing business.

  • Craft Express Mug Press that is extra wide
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Digital Timer and Temperature controller
  • Heat element size: 27cm long and it can transfer on products up to 24cm in length.
  • Bigger prints are now possible, allowing you to print on tumblers with the print running from top to bottom, as well as seamless prints that wrap around the product.
  • Optional Extra Elements: We also have a variety of optional elements that you can purchase for this amazing tumbler press such as 12oz wine element, 12oz and 17oz cone elements, 10oz and 11oz mug elements, 20oz skinny element and 30oz element