Craft Mug Press

Muggit™ Tumbler Mug Press

This popular Craft Express Mug Tumbler press is the ideal tumbler press to add to your print and branding business. The element is extra wide giving you the ability to print even closer to the edge of tumblers, sports bottles, and more.

We have added an 11oz mug tumbler element to this press so you can also press mugs. By attaching the element to the press, you can quickly and easily add personalization to mugs for corporate and personal gift ideas that you can sell and make a profit.

  • Craft Express Mug press that is extra wide.
  • Compact and space-saving.
  • Digital timer and temperature controller.
  • Element size:
    Comes standard with element for 20oz skinny tumblers / sports bottles + 11oz element for pressing mugs. The standard 20oz heat element can transfer prints up to 20cm in length.
  • Bigger prints are now possible:
    You can transfer vibrant color prints onto tumblers, whether running from top to bottom or professional, seamless, full wrap-around prints that cover the entire product you wish to decorate. Achieve printing results that meet everyone's expectations.
  • Optional extra elements:
    We also have a variety of optional elements that you can purchase for this amazing tumbler press such as the 12oz wine element, 12oz and 17oz cone elements, 10oz and 11oz mug elements, 20oz skinny element, and 30oz element.
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