Muggit™ 3C Pro

The Muggit 3C Pro System

This system is very similar to the 3C basic with the following exceptions:

  • This system includes separate mug and T-shirt presses so that you can produce larger volumes.
  • The mug press in this system is our largest,able to decorate bottles almost 30cm tall, and also our most versatile with a number of elements for different mug sizes and shapes available for a small extra cost.
  • A Silhouette Cameo® 5 business vinyl cutter is included. This allows for an added income stream from the decoration of items with heat transfer vinyl (such as safety jackets, sportswear, casual wear, signage, etc.

If you are intending to use the system in a shop or business environment, then the Muggit™ 3C Pro is the smallest system you should be looking at. The only thing we would recommend adding to this system is either a DTF print system or a white toner laser system.


What Other Options Can I Get On This System?

An upgrade to an A3 sublimation printer is an excellent investment – The A3 has lower print costs and is a more industrial machine while allowing you to decorate an even wider variety of products. A dedicated cap press is also a good idea, as is a craft oven. Coupled with heat shrink bags for use in the oven, these tools allow you to produce higher volumes, achieve full wrap-around prints, and decorate items that can be challenging with a standard press, such as bowls.

The System Includes

  • Sawgrass™ SG500 UHD Gel printer (A4): It has a 2 year warranty as long as sawgrass inks are used.
  • Sawgrass™ Ultra high-definition sublimation inks – starter pack.
  • Silhouette Cameo™ 5 business vinyl cutter – with the included software.
  • Muggit™ 38 x 38cm T-shirt & Tile press: it is a clamshell press with a 2-year warranty on the element.
  • Muggit™ Mug Press Tumbler – extra wide mug press, with two included elements: one long element for tumblers and one 11oz element to do standard 11oz size mugs.
  • Sawgrass™ Print manager - for sublimation.
  • A3 Nomex pad, USA Teflon sheet, scraper, 3 piece Cameo hook set, digital timer, and heat tape.
  • Training videos, manuals, cost calculator, templates, training video links, and marketing guide.
  • Transfer papers –  for sublimation, light cotton, and sublimation flex.
  • Muggit™ coating film – this allows you to coat your own products for sublimation.
  • 12x white premium mugs.
  • 1x Sublimer circle and a pack of 5 Sublimer keyrings.
  • FREE Corel Draw Essentials Software.


Upgrades Or Extras You Can Add To The System

  • Upgrade to an A3 sublimation printer (highly recommended).
  • Upgrade to a 50cm x 40cm high-pressure clamshell press.
  • Some of the elements you can add to the mug press: 10oz Element, Cone 12oz element, Cone 17oz element and more.

Info On The Included


Bulk System Sub A4Lite-SG500

Sawgrass™ SG500 A4 Sublimation printer with Sawgrass™ starter set of HD inks, CorelDRAW® Essentials, and Sawgrass™ Print Manager. Printer MUST be switched on and left on within 2 weeks of purchase, or else the heads will block. This is not covered by warranty. Always leave the printer on after inserting ink cartridges. Free support pack included.


Press-Mug Press Tumbler

Craft Express Mug Press extra wide, comes standard with an element for 20oz skinny tumblers / sports bottles, and an 11oz element for mugs. Do not use the wide element for 2 x 11oz mugs, or for items shorter than the element, or else element will burn out. Misuse not covered by warranty.

Press Pro heatpress 38 x38 front view

Press-Pro- HP 38 x 38

Muggit™ high pressure pro clamshell heat press 38 x 38cm: 2-year warranty on element. Free support pack included.

Silhoutte Cameo 5 - Front

VC Cameo 5

Silhouette Cameo® 5 business vinyl cutter (cuts up to 300mm wide). Free support pack included.


Teflon 38x38

USA premium grade Teflon for 38cm x 38cm press (38cm x 38cm).


Nomex Pad A3

Nomex pad for pressing tiles, lighters, business card holders, cutting boards, etc. The pad is A3 in size (30cm x 41cm).



6 Minute Timer.


Comprehensive Manual and Instructions

Training videos, manuals, cost calculator, templates, training video links, and marketing guide


Transfer Papers

A high-definition premium sublimation paper that is premium quality, it dries instantly. The best paper of choice.


TP Sublimation Flex-10

White sublimation transfer vinyl, 25cm x 30cm.It can be sublimated and cut with a vinyl cutter. It can also be used on almost any surface that can take the heat. Pack of 10 sheets.


Mug White Premium

Premium auality, premium grade white mugs (AA grade) - 'Muggit™ Premium'. For use with sublimation & laser printers.


Coat-Muggit Film

Muggit clear coating film. Pack of 10 sheets, 250mm x 330mm. For sublimation only. Sublimate and apply onto almost any surface.


Sublimer Circle White 20cm

White sublimer disc, 200mm x 200mm x 3mm. Both sides sublimation printable. For best results use Subtex Sublimation paper. Can be used to make a bowl when hot. Use gloves to avoid burns - see instructions.


Keyring Sublimer Rect 6mm-5

White rectangular sublimer 6mm thick keyring (46mm x 66mm) . Similar to polymer keyrings. Both sides sublimation printable. Pack of 5. For best results use Subtex Sublimation paper.


VC Cameo Scraper

Squeegee / Scraper for vinyl, videoflex, transfers, cameo crafts.


VC Cameo Hook Set

Hook tool set for weeding vinyl (set of 3 tools).

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