Ink & Toner

Why Should You Always Buy Original Ink And Toner?

Sawgrass Ink vs Other Inks


Sawgrass invented the sublimation ink process for digital printers and yet others, who made an inferior copy of their inks, claim their ink is the best.

The joy of cheap ink is soon forgotten when:

  • the head inevitably blocks; or
  • the customer rejects the job because the ink has faded; or
  • the colours print incorrectly due to cheap ink not having a colour management programme like Sawgrass Print Manager to correct the colours.

Laser Printer Toners vs Compatible Toners

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Compatible Toners were not made for digital laser transfers.

Testing that we have done yielded the following results:

  • Toner density was very low which made the prints almost transparent;
  • Very light prints, which in turn meant that the print looked faded after transfer.