Muggit™ 3C Basic

The Muggit™ 3C Basic System

This system is one of the best systems for sublimation in existence today. It comes standard with a high quality A4 printer, but an A3 printer is also available.  To make a transfer, you print onto transfer paper, place the paper into the appropriate press, and within a few minutes you have a truly fantastic transfer!

 What can you print with this system?

  • You can print almost everything made for sublimation printing.
  • Items include metals, ceramics, plastics, fabrics, wood, magnets, and glass.

Is The Muggit 3C Basic System Profitable?

Profit is often considered to be only the difference between cost and selling price, but what few people consider is that the quality of the equipment, how long it lasts and whether it can be repaired, is even more important to gauge whether a system is profitable. Also, if you are using the lowest grade raw materials resulting in your customer rejecting the order, you are not profiting at all.

Who is this system suitable for?

This system is aimed at small & home businesses, who do not intend to produce huge volumes. This system uses a combination of mug, T-shirt, cap, and plate press attachments, coupled with a reliable sublimation printer.

The System Includes

  • Sawgrass™ SG500 UHD Gel printer (A4) – 2-year warranty (as long as Sawgrass™ inks are used).
  • Sawgrass™ ultra high-definition sublimation inks – starter pack.
  • Muggit™ high pressure T-shirt & tile press: 38cm x 38cm 8-in-1 Press, 2-year warranty on the T-shirt element.
  • Muggit™ mug attachment:  full wrap-around, with 4 x elements – 6 month warranty.
  • Muggit™ plate attachments: for pressing side & dinner plates – 6 month warranty.
  • Muggit™ cap attachment  –  2 year warranty.
  • Sawgrass™ print manager for sublimation,  training videos, and manuals.
  • Heat tape, USA teflon sheet, A4 nomex pad, timer, and scraper/squeegee.
  • Training videos, manuals, cost calculator, templates, training video links, and marketing guide.
  • Transfer papers: for sublimation and light cotton.
  • Muggit™  coating film: this allows you to coat your own products for sublimation.
  • 6 x white premium mugs.
  • 1x Coaster Sublimer 2T 9.5cm Round and 1x Coaster Sublimer 2T 9.5cm Square.
  • Pack of 5 Sublimer keyrings.
  • FREE Corel Draw Essentials Software.


Upgrades Or Extras You Can Add To The System

  • Add a business vinyl cutter (Cameo 5) – highly recommended.
  • Add a 3-piece hook set to make weeding vinyl a breeze.
  • Upgrade to an A3 sublimation printer.

Info On The Included


Bulk System Sub A4Lite-SG500

Sawgrass™ SG500 A4 Sublimation printer with Sawgrass™ starter set of HD inks, CorelDRAW® Essentials, and Sawgrass™ Print Manager. Printer MUST be switched on and left on within 2 weeks of purchase, else heads will block. This is not covered by warranty. Always leave printer on after inserting ink cartridges. Free support pack included.

Muggit Press 8 in 1

Press-2020 8 in 1

Muggit™ multifunction press - 38 x 38cm, with an attachment for a cap, 2 different plate attachments, and 4 different mug attachments. Free support pack included. 2 year warranty on T-shirt element (from 10.08.21), 6 months on other elements.


Heat Tape

Heat Tape – Premium Quality – does not leave tape marks



6 Minute Timer.


Teflon 38x38

USA premium grade Teflon for 38cm x 38cm press - 38cm x 38cm.


Nomex Pad A4

Nomex Pad for pressing tiles, lighters, business card holders, cutting boards, etc. - A4 size (20.5cm x 30cm).

Transfer media fro sublimation


Textprint sublimation paper for all printers 105gsm - pack of 50 sheets A4. For sublimation use.

Transfer Media for Inkjet

TP JettransSA4-10

Soft transfer paper for light / white fabrics for inkjet & sublimation printers. Press at 200°C / 390°F for 15-20 sec. Peel hot. Pack of 10 sheets A4. For use with sublimation & inkjet printers. Made in the USA.


TP Sublimation Flex-10

White sublimation transfer vinyl - 25cm x 30cm - can be sublimated and cut with a vinyl cutter. It can be used on almost any surface that can take the heat. Pack of 10 sheets.


Coat-Muggit™ Film

Muggit™ clear coating film - pack of 10 sheets 250mm x 330mm - for sublimation only. Sublimate and apply onto almost any surface.


Mug White Premium

Premium quality, premium grade white mugs (AA grade) - 'Muggit™ Premium'. For use with sublimation & laser printers.


Coaster Sublimer 2T 9.5cm Round And Square

2-Tone Sublimer Round & Square. Its a white coaster with clear top - sublimate on white side (like for cutting boards). For best results use Subtex Sublimation paper. For use with sublimation ONLY.


Keyring Sublimer Rect 6mm-5

White rectangular 6mm thick sublimer keyring (46mm x 66mm) . Similar to polymer keyrings. Both sides sublimation printable. Pack of 5. For best results use Subtex Sublimation paper.


Cameo Scraper

Squeegee/scraper for vinyl, videoflex, transfers, and cameo crafts.

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