MUGGIT™ 4 DTF - Direct to Film Printing System

The Galaxy DTF system is perfect for printing onto pretty much any porous substrate (which means a substrate that will absorb water). The cost to print an A4 sheet varies between R 9 and R 14 including the print and the film (depending on ink coverage and usage). This makes it the cheapest of all the transfer technologies especially when you factor in that it can also print white. Some bureaus are selling the print alone for over R 55.00 without transferring it. A finished shirt looks and feels like a million bucks with exceptional durability.

The Galaxy DTF does require some hands-on maintenance so it’s not suitable for people who don’t want to clean print heads, get ink on their hands, change out ink pipes and so on. The Galaxy DTF should be used often to prevent the head from blocking.

This system should not be confused with UV-DTF which is a system that prints stickers primarily for hard surfaces. The shaker and oven are perfect for production volumes. If you are going to do small volumes you can shake the powder onto the print by hand and let the powder dry under your heat press.  To learn more about the Galaxy DTF process please visit our Galaxy DTF Overview Page

System includes

  • Galaxy DTF Printer A3
  • Galaxy DTF Powder 1kg
  • Galaxy DTF Cadlink RIP
  • Galaxy DTF Ink Set CMYKWW
  • Galaxy DTF Film Roll
  • Galaxy DTF Cleaning Fluid 100ml

Optional extras/ upgrades are also available for you to add to this amazing system

  • Galaxy DTF Shaker Oven
  • Add a high pressure t-shirt/flat heat press such as the Muggit™ 38 x 38cm press, or a Muggit™ 50x 40cm press or a Muggit™ 60 x 40cm press, your options are endless.
DTF Results
DTF Results
DTF Results

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