Heat Shrink Bags

Heat shrink bags are one of the most exciting innovations in sublimation in recent years. Heat shrink bags are a major step up from the heat clamps of old.

Heat shrink bags allow for edge-to-edge transfers in small and large quantities with just a heat gun (to shrink the bag around the product) and an oven (to transfer the image).

The bag once shrunk forces the paper tightly against the item to be printed, ensuring the best transfer possible, whilst also allowing you to decorate the handle and bottom of the mug (if they are coated) and best of all the bags are cheap to buy. Each bag is single-use.

5m Heat Shrink Material - Not only do we sell the bags but we also sell heat shrink material in 5 meters. A great advantage is that customers can purchase a single 5m heat shrink bag to heat shrink different sized products. Cut the material to the desires size needed to fit the product you want to shrink. It can be used to decorate all the items in this picture. Each roll is 165mm wide and 200mm wide that you can cut to any size you like.

Helpful tip: Need a smaller heat shrink bag to transfer prints onto small items and only have a 5m one? Make any custom-size heat shrink bag you need, simply use a heat sealer to make the 165mm x 5m heat shrink material any size you want. (Note: Heat sealers are not available to purchase at JG Electronics)

What you will need

  • Craft Oven, Convection Oven or Air Fryer
  • Heat Gun and Heat Shrink Bag.

You do not need a mug press for this.

General instructions

  • Slip your product with print into the shrink bag
  • Shrink with the heat gun
  • Bake in the oven

This unique product is very easy to use!