Prestige A3 Direct To Film Printing System

The roll-fed PRESTIGE A3 DTF system is the ideal production system for small to medium businesses. It’s the professional upgrade to A4 system and utilises dual Epson I1600 industrial-grade print heads for maximum longevity at an affordable price.

The I1600 heads have 1,600 nozzles which means higher speed and better colour. Being industrial-grade they typically last 3-4 times longer than non-industrial heads like the XP600 and the heads used in the A4 printer.

This printer requires far less maintenance than the A4 unit as it does it’s own maintenance when needed (assuming it’s left on and it’s connected to an inverter during loadshedding). There is still some maintenance required.

As with the A4 unit it should not be operated in an environment with a room temperature higher than 30C and relative humidity should be in the 35-65% range.

This printer takes around 1-2 minutes to print a full colour, full coverage A3 plus page (33 x 42cm) depending on the resolution selected and number of passes, while the adding of the powder, curing and transferring takes a maximum of 2 minutes in total. Our systems include the best quality inks and film we can get along with a high-definition powder with a particle size of under 80 microns to ensure all the fine detail in the print transfers and the print is more flexible which is essential on sports garments. Cadlink DTF raster image processing (RIP) software is included with this system.

What Does It Cost To Print?

Film cost  (per 33 x 42cm) – R 5.10, Ink cost R 7.00, Powder cost R 5.50 – Total R 17.60 (Ex VAT) with 65% coverage and R 27.00 (ex VAT) with 100% coverage. Maintenance costs – To cover the costs of maintenance including eventual print head replacement we suggest adding R 3.10 to each print as a print cost

Even adding in the maintenance cost this is a fraction of what just the paper costs excluding inks for any other technology to print a dark shirt and none of them come even close to the durability of DTF. Just the paper for a white toner laser by comparison is over R 60 for A3.

DTF does require some limited hands-on maintenance so it’s not suitable for people who don’t want to get ink on their hands, change out ink pipes and so on. The printer should be used often to prevent the head from blocking but should it not be used often as long as it’s left on it will auto-maintain itself as long as the environment it’s in is below 30C.

The automatic shaker oven is perfect for this system and we don’t recommend the separate IR oven. Due to the speed of the machine, not using the automatic shaker oven curing unit with auto take-up roller and air filtration you will obliterate the benefits of this faster machine


The System Includes

  • PRESTIGE A3 DTF roll printer.
  • DTF premium powder 1kg.
  • Cadlink DTF RIP – Digital factory DTF edition Rip for desktop DTF printers (A3 & A4) - for windows only.
  • DTF Ink set CMYKWW – 1 x 500ml bottle of each CMYK + 2 x 500ml bottles of white premium DTF ink.
  • DTF film DS roll – prestige premium R2 DTF film - 33cm x 100M/roll - hot & cold peel.
  • DTF cleaning fluid – 100ml of cleaning fluid for DTF printer.
  • Trim tool – for cutting the print.

Upgrades Or Extras You Can Add To The System

  • 33cm DTF Shaker oven.
  • Muggit™ 38x 38cm High-pressure T-shirt press (2-year warranty).
  • Add a Muggit™ 50 x 40cm High-pressure T-shirt press (2-year warranty).
  • Add 500ml bottles of DTF ink – CMYK & white.

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