Heat Presses Overview

What is a Heat Press?

A heat press is a machine engineered to transfer a design or graphic onto a substrate, such as a T-shirt, mug, tile, metal etc. It does this with the application of heat and pressure for a set period of time. While these presses are often used to apply designs to fabrics, they can also be used to print designs onto mugs, plates, jigsaw puzzles, metals, some plastic, leathers, wood, and other products.

Most presses currently on the market use an aluminium upper-heating element with a heat rod cast into the aluminium or a heating wire attached to the element. Machines manufactured in Europe and the USA generally use an element attached to the aluminum block. This design ensures that, in the event of the element burning out, replacement is a quick and easy process

Heat presses are available with a variety of differently shaped elements:

  • A flat element for T-shirts and other flat materials.
  • Curved for caps.
  • Round for mugs.
  • Circular for plates and special shapes. For example, for pens.

An image or graphic is printed on a special transfer paper which allows the image to transfer with the application of heat and pressure.

As agents for GeoKnight in the USA and Muggit™ in the East, we distribute a wide variety of heat presses, ranging from home to industrial units.

We also have spares on hand and competent technicians who can repair our presses.