Mug Presses

Mugs are one of the hottest selling sublimation products today. They outsell every other sublimation product by a factor of more than ten

To this end, a mug press is an indispensable part of any sublimation system.  In the past we used to manufacture our own Mug presses with elements sourced from the USA.  Today we have these presses manufactured for us in the East to the same standards.

We have parts and accessories for all our mug presses readily on hand, so whether you need an additional element or a repair done, we can do it quickly.  All mug presses come with a 1-year warranty on the controller and a 6-month warranty on the element.

Muggit™ Tumbler Mug Press

  • Craft express mug press is extra wide.
  • Compact and space-saving.
  • Digital timer and temperature controller.
  • Element size: Comes standard with an element for 20oz Skinny tumblers / sports bottles + 11oz element for pressing mugs.
  • Bigger prints are now possible, allowing you to print on tumblers with the print running from top to bottom, as well as seamless prints that wrap around the product.
  • Optional extra elements: We also have a variety of optional elements that you can purchase for this amazing tumbler press such as a 12oz wine element, 12oz and 17oz cone elements, 10oz and 11oz mug elements, 20oz skinny element, and a 30oz element.

Muggit™ Lime Mug Press

  • Most affordable mug press in our range, yet extremely reliable.
  • Digital timer and advanced temperature controller.
  • Comes standard with an element for 11oz Mugs (85% of all mugs are 11oz), but other size elements are also available, including a rather unique element specifically for our 600ml sports bottles, allowing the user to transfer over a larger area of the sports bottle.
  • NRCS Approved (South African Safety Regulatory Body).  Only goods conforming to SA regulations and specifications gain approval.
  • Opting for individual mug presses is more cost-effective and reliable compared to purchasing a single mug press that accommodates 5 mugs. In the latter case, you have 5 machines, each with its own electronics
  • For both laser and sublimation transfers.
  • Optional extra elements: 6oz mug element, 11oz mug element, and sports bottle element.

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