Forever™ Transfer Paper

The Company name FOREVER has been chosen by them on purpose, reflecting the expectations they have to develop superior quality products with long-term durability for the digital transfer printing industry.  One of the main reasons for their international success is “product consistency”.

Forever™ is therefore a market leader in transfer papers for laser printers and particularly white toner laser printers.

The Forever™ range of transfer papers can be used in both CMYK and White toner laser printers (OKI).

JG Electronics is the proud South African agents for Forever™.

The following papers are available:

  • Forever™ LDark A+B Paper low temp paper for transfers onto any colour fabric, including dark and black fabrics, as well as other porous substrates like paper and wood with a grain (can be transferred as low as 80°C).
  • Forever™ LaserTrans for white and light fabrics.
  • Forever™ Flex for transfers onto any colour non-stretch fabric, including dark and black fabrics.
  • Forever™ MultiTrans, a hard surfaces paper for transfers to non-porous substrates like PVC items like pens, glass, metal, wood, ceramics and more
  • Forever MultiTrans™ Gold and Silver, the metallic variety hard surface paper for gold and silver transfers onto non-porous substrates
  • Forever™ Classic Plus – for transfers onto white and light fabrics
  • Forever™ LaserDark – for transfers onto dark and black fabrics (only for CMYK printers)