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OKI™ White Toner Laser Printer

The OKI™ White Toner Laser printer is currently the best printer on the market and perfect for low cost, hassle free and higher volume corporate printing.

Unlike other white toner printers on the market, the OKI™ prints white and colour in a single pass. It has 4 x Cartridges – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and White. To make black it prints, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow are printed on-top of each other.

Anyone looking for the finest detailed images in white and colour needs to look no further than the OKI range of white toner printers.

The OKI™ printers have the lowest page cost of any white toner printing solution and coupled with the Forever™ RIP, it is possible to further reduce toner costs by around 30% through finer image and print controls.

This printer not only does transfers (like the sublimation printers), but can also print board and paper (meaning that wedding invites, business cards and general print can also be done). Prints can be done on any colour paper.

The OKI™ white toner printer is available in A3 versions.

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