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SUBLIMER - Printable Sublimatable Acrylic Sheets

Introducing a new product that is the biggest evolution in both sublimation and laser transfers of the decade - Muggit Sublimer™ !

This product is a type of Acrylic that is eminently printable.  For the 1st times product that prints brilliantly, yet can also be bent into practically any shape and form with the application of heat without damaging the full photographic colour print.When decorating with sublimation, the print goes into the substrate and is thus extremely hardy.  It's very difficult to damage the product under normal wear and tear conditions.  It can also be safely used on floors (we've put down a sheet in our driveway and cars run over it daily with no damage to the print).  Outdoor endurance depends upon the inks used and their UV stability.

sublimer Clock Deco acrylic Muggitsublimer Cutting Board acrylic Muggitsublimer Keyring Heart acrylic Muggitsublimer Trophy Africa acrylic Muggitsublimer Clothes Hanger acrylic Muggitsublimer Coaster Hex acrylic Muggitsublimer  Swizzle Sticks acrylic Muggitsublimer Wedding Cake Topper acrylic Muggitsublimer Keyring Rect 3mm acrylic Muggit

When printing with laser using the Forever™ Multitrans hard surfaces paper, you can get either a gloss or matte effect depending on the print process, and abrasion resistance is higher than most other hard surface transfers.

Sublimation Acrylic sheets can be used for :

  • table & shelf talkers
  • wedding signage
  • POS & retail signage
  • POS shields (branded)
  • photographic light boxes
  • photographic ash trays
  • floor & wall tiles
  • placemats & coasters
  • kicthen splashback in full photographic colour
  • bathroom decorations 

In short pretty much anything you can think of that standard acrylic / Perspex™ are used for.

The product is available either in pre-cut shapes or in sheets (which can be laser cut) in opal (white) and clear in both 3mm and 6mm varieties.

The sheet price compares very favourably with standard non-printable acrylic sheet sold domestically.

 sublimer Ornament Flower acrylic Muggitsublimer Ornament Joy acrylic Muggitsublimer Ornament Light acrylic Muggitsublimer Ornament Snowman acrylic Muggit

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