PhotoBlasting System

The conventional way of sandblasting text or a logo is to make a template mask and “shoot” sand the mask from a sandblast gun that’s connected to sand and an air compressor.  The air is what propels the sand to a high enough velocity to make it cut the top layer of the item (glass, metal, ceramic, stone etc.)  In areas where the mask is not covering the substrate, the sand eats away at the item’s surface and you get a frosted look.

These masks are either hand cut or made with a vinyl cutter, which means that while a fairly good level of details is possible, there’s a limit.  Very small text and photographs are impossible to do.

with our PhotoBlasting system

Text can be extremely fine (to the point that older people can’t even see it), complex graphics are no problem and even photographs can easily be sandblasted.

Our system is perfect for creating fine details on corporate products, drinks bottles, awards, special event gifts for weddings and so on, as well as for producing a permanent image on the headstone for the memorial industry.  With this system, it’s very easy to sandblast onto both granite and marble.  The finished result not only looks spectacular, but as it has no intrinsic scrap value, it doesn’t get stolen unlike other products used in this industry. 

jge PhotoBlasting advert

jge photoblast glasses7

How does our system work?

jge blasting photob2 thumb

It’s actually quite simple.  You create your artwork on the computer, and print it out onto a type of “tracing paper”.  You then take this paper, and put it against the Photosensitive masking film (also called a Photomask) and expose it in the exposure unit for a minute or so.  Then you take the photomask and wash it out with our spray jet.  Wherever there was black print on your “tracing paper” it prevented the light from getting to the mask and hardening it, so those areas wash out with the water.  You then let the mask dry, and apply it to the item to be blasted, and you blast away.

JGE photoblast tumbstones4 Example of a typical photoblasting system

You are not bound to take a complete system, you can take bits and pieces or even customise a system to your requirements

Please view our catalogue for the most up to date info and pricing on this system


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