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iColour White Toner Production Corporate Gift System

The iColour based system is meant for production environments. White is printed in a single pass, and a RIP is included with this system. The RIP alone can save you up to 50% on the usage of the white Toner. 

uninet white laser toner collage 120dpi 10x6

This system is positioned between the Ghost and OKI systems. Like the Ghost it can print CMYK (it has a black cartri

As an added advantage, it’s possible to tell the printer where to print the white (underneath or on top of the colours) and the printer can switch to NEON or SUBLIMATION mode merely by changing the carts. This is currently the only printer on the market to offer this versatility. There are even dge), but like the OKI you can also elect to print CMYW (remove the black and replace with white for single pass white printing).

specialized security toners available for this printer.

Print costs are lower than the Ghost and with single pass colour + white printing, the process is much simpler. This printer is perfect both for transfers as well as standard printing on both paper and cardstock (think short run business cards, invitations, certificates, stickers and so on).

With the optional toners you can branch out into the lucrative security printing market as well as the night club scene where printing shows up under ultra violet light. T-shirts can also be printed which shine under night club UV lights. The RIP is not as feature laden as the RIP on the OKI, but that makes it far easier to use.

This printer is not limited to printing T-shirts and Card / Paper, but can also print hard items such as glass, ceramics, metal, wood, some plastics (including pens), balls (soccer, rugby etc.), and so on.


The iColour White Toner Laser based Corporate Gift system includes:

    • iColour White Toner A4 Laser printer with CMYK and White Toner

      JGE TShirtMonster
    • iColour RIP Software (saves you a ton of money in time and also toner)

    • Digital Temperature Meter for use with Forever Multitrans on hard surfaces

    • Muggit 38 x 38cm Swingaway High Pressure Press

    • Muggit Blue Mug Press

    • Forever Silicone Pad (for printing on Mirrors etc.)

    • Heat Tape & Digital Timer

    • Starter packs of transfer papers + Starter pack of Forever No Cut Flex

    • Product Marketing CD & Sample pack of Laser printed products

  • Marketing & Running your own print business” guide

  • Coreldaw ™ X6 Essentials (FREE)

Add an A4 Sublimation printer for maximum versatility, upgrade to Corel X8 SOHO (with advanced graphics functions), add a PEN press for pressing 10 pens at a time and / or upgrade the Mug press to the Pro version with 6 elements.


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