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Ghost White Toner

Ghost Laser System A3 Pro

The Ghost Laser printers are based on popular models of HP ™ printers with the Ghost Toners and Ghost White Toner added.  These printers are perfect for small to medium volume white toner printer and for those who want to try the technology but are more affordable than the OKI printers.  They cost of fraction of the price of a dedicated OKI white toner printer are available in both A4 and A3 models. 

Ghost is the only company to come out with white toner than works reliably in a standard HP CMYK Laser printer, and these cartridges come from Germany.

As this printer can print white, you are not limited to printing / transferring only onto white or light coloured products. Prints can be done onto dark substrates as well.  What the OKI can do these printers can also do, with two exceptions:

  1. There is no RIP software that works on this printer (to save you even more toner).
  2. You cannot print full colour and white in one pass. When white and full colour is required, the page must be fed twice through the printer (which requires than the 2nd artwork for the white has an offset of around 0.5mm to counter the fact than when printing the same page twice, the printer automatically offsets the 2nd print).

This printer not only does transfers (like the sublimation systems), but can also print board and paper (meaning that wedding invites, business cards and general print can also be done). Prints can be done on any colour paper.

Difference between the Ghost  and OKI printers.

  1. The OKI system doesn’t print true black as it has no black toner (it has the white in place of the black), it uses the colours (Cyan, Magenta and Yellow) to produce black (which makes black 3 x more expensive to print that a printer with a dedicated black cartridge). The Ghost prints true black, as it has four colours cartridges (CMYK) and a white cartridge which is interchangeable with the black.
  2. The Ghost system needs two passes to print full colour + white.  The paper is first printed in colour, and then the black cartridge is removed and the white is inserted. Once this is done, some artwork needs to be done, the paper is put back into the printer and white is printed. On the OKI, this is all done in a single pass, with no extra artwork to be done (the RIP handles it).
  3. The Ghost system has a higher print cost per page than the OKI, but the printer itself is almost ¼ of the price of the OKI (making is much more affordable for most users).
  4. The Ghost printer is not suited for high volume use. If you need high volumes, the OKI is the printer to buy. 
  5. The Ghost printer with a set of CMYK and White Toners, costs under R 10,000

Check the Ghost at work below


For more details please view our catalogue which shows all the different systems with pricing

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  • Thnx for this 1stop for all sublimation products.
    Ronnie Mulaudzi Waha Livhusha Keep it well JG Electronics.
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