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Button Presses 

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A Button Badge press is the perfect add-on to any printing business, and should seriously be considered. This in-expensive, yet extremely robust and durable machine, allows you to make the ever popular button badges, and thus make more money.

Button badges are a cost effective advertising medium and are very popular for corporate giveaways, fundraising and political events.

School kids (especially girls) collect them, which is another great market.

Our machines are sourced from the USA and are extremely tough, to give you years of great service.

These machines can take a hammering day in and day out without downtime. Added to this, we repair them locally in the unlikely event something breaks.

Our machines are available in 25mm, 37mm and 56mm varieties.  As these machines are industrial grade, each size is a different machine.
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To make a button badge is very simple:

1.  Do your design and then print it on plain paper using your computer printer

2.  Cut the design with the supplied cutter

3.  Load the design and the raw button components into the badge press.

 4.  Push the handle down, rotate the base of the machine, press down again, and your button is done – the entire process takes a few second.


Please view our catalogue for the most up to date info and pricing on this system

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