Service and Support Pack

For the past few years, we have been working hard at developing our support pack for our clients. The aim of this support pack has always been to make it as easy as possible for you to get support quick and conveniently. Many of you are already using our support pack software but may be using the first versions that are dated and lack the latest functionalities.

Herewith is the latest version. There are several improvements within this support pack.

  1. Automatic updates via the website (No need to download and reinstall the entire software)
  2. We have added video support with very useful videos for each of our systems, presses, and printers.
  3. You will now always have the latest templates automatically installed in the support pack. The templates are still for use with Corel Draw.
  4. You can now download Corel Draw from the support pack. (NB. you still need to have your own valid license for Corel)
  5. There is a search function built into the program so you can easily search for the product you want to print, instead of scrolling through the whole list.
  6. You can download the latest software version of Sawgrass print manager and Silhouette Studio within the support pack.
  7. Our cost calculator is now even more optimised with detailed instructions per Press, Type of printing method and more.
  8. We provide a full catalogue of our pictures in the Picture directory.

And there will be so much more to come.

Our support pack is FREE to anyone who supports JG Electronics so we can in return support You.

We encourage you to download and use it so you can have access to the latest functionalities and get the best results for your business.

We would love to hear your feedback on it as well as any other suggested features or functionalities that you would like to see in the support pack.

Our Support Pack

How it Works


Please note if you have trouble installing the pack, please run the installer as an admin user on your computer