Sublimation Printers Overview

A sublimation printer is a printer with sublimation inks loaded. There are very few printer brands on which sublimation inks work.  This is due to the way the print heads and ink delivery mechanisms operate across the different brands.

There is however a massive difference between a printer built specifically for sublimation inks and a printer modified for use with sublimation inks.  A printer modified for use with sublimation ink loses its guarantee as a soon as 3rd party ink is added to it.  Also, a printer modified for use with sublimation ink does not have the hardened ink feeding mechanisms or print heads required for long term reliability.

An important issue with sublimation printing is that colour profiles must be supplied by the ink manufacturer for the inks that you are using.  Many companies selling you sublimation ink will claim that no profiles are required - This is a clue that you are dealing with a company that has no clue what they are selling.

Sawgrass was the first printer manufacturer who specifically manufactured small format desktop sublimation printers.

Sawgrass printers come with advanced colour matching software specific to the inks, printer, media and substrates used for sublimation.

Full technical support, servicing and repair is supplied by JG Electronics locally.