Laser Printers Overview

A colour laser printer / copier when coupled with the Forever range of transfer papers, gives you the opportunity to print a much wider variety of products than a sublimation print system can, but is not actually a replacement for sublimation.

A laser printer uses dry toner, which when transferred sits on the surface of the printed item.  The toner is thicker than a sublimation or inkjet transfer which means that colours are richer which is perfect for logos and solid colours. When transferring onto a clear glass substrate the ink is more opaque (less see through) and text can be printed finer.

Coupled with the Forever papers, a laser printer can transfer onto both coated and uncoated substrates (though washability on uncoated products isn’t great) and can also transfer at much lower temperatures.

A laser printer can be used for both transfers and standard paper printing.

As the toner is NOT water-soluble, a standard paper sticker printed with a laser printer will not run or smear when wet, so laser printed labels are great for wine bottles, sports bottles and so on.

There are some downsides to the laser transfer process laser printer but these are easily overcome by adding a sublimation printer to your print solution (a sublimation printer costs nothing in the whole scheme of things).