Muggit™ 3C Lite

This system is a stripped-down version of the Muggit™ 3C Basic and targeted at those people who would like to start in the sublimation business, but have a very limited budget, yet still want to buy a quality system.

This system still includes the same reliable, high-definition Sawgrass printer we use in all our sublimation systems – we won’t compromise on this – coupled with a Muggit™ brand high pressure A4 flat press and consumables.

The hight quality press has all its safety certificates and is covered by a full one-year warranty.  It’s 23 x 30cm bed size makes it perfect for all flat sublimation transfers.  Flat items cover around 80% of all printable products.

We have spares on hand and all our repairs are done in house by our skilled technicians

Additional equipment can easily be added to this system at a later stage as your business grows.

The System includes:

  • Sawgrass SG500 UHD Gel A4 printer- 2 year warranty (as long as sawgrass inks used)
  • Starter pack of Sawgrass UHD sublimation inks
  • Muggit A4 T-shirt & Tile press (23 x 30cm) with 2 year warranty on the element
  • Sawgrass Virtuouso Print Manager for sublimation + Training videos + Manuals
  • Premium grade Heat Tape, A4 Nomex Pad & USA Teflon Sheet, scraper
  • Product Marketing CD (with pictures of all products on for you to show your customers)
  • Marketing & Running your own print business guide
  • Coreldraw 2020 Essentials (FREE)
  • Transfer papers for sublimation, dark fabrics and light cotton
  • Pack of 5 Sublimer™ Keyrings
  • Sublimer™ Circle x1
  • Muggit Coating film (allows you to coat your own products for sublimation)

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