Muggit™ 1 Craft

The home craft industry is set for a revolution in 2022 with sublimation product manufacturers for the first time entering, what was previously a market dominated by paper craft players, with equipment made specifically for this industry.

Craft presses are different from standard heat preses in the sense that, instead of having a heat press you have to fit your product into, you apply the heat onto your product with this press in any way you see fit.  It works somewhat like an iron.  Also by sublimation product manufacturers now making equipment specifically for the craft market, the low volume consumers gain the same functionality as the commercial market, but at a fraction of the price.

With the home craft system, you can cut stickers, do transfers of heat transfer vinyl onto pretty much any product that can withstand 160-180 degrees heat for 12 seconds, cut crafts from board, magnetic material, press some sublimation items, including mugs by adding the additional mug press element and much more.  With the Silhouette™ Portrait, you can also cut stencils for Glass Etching to create stunning etched products.

The System includes:

  • Silhouette Portrait 3 Vinyl Cutter with included software
  • Muggit Craft Express Craft press (cap and mug attachments not included in system price)
  • 1m each White, Black, Royal Blue Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • Scraper + 3 pcs Vinyl Weeding Hook Set
  • Glass Etching Kit
  • Comprehensive manual and instructions

Optional extra's to this system:

  • Add Cap attachment for Craft press
  • Add Mug attachment for Craft press
  • Upgrade to Silhouette™ Cameo 4 add
  • Add Sawgrass™ A4 sublimation printer with inks

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