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Heat Presses

A heat press is a machine engineered to transfer a design or graphic on a substrate, such as a t-shirt, mug, tile, metal and so on. It does this with the application of heat and pressure for a set period of time. While heat presses are often used to apply designs to fabrics, they can also be used to imprint designs on mugs, plates, jigsaw puzzles, metals, some plastic, leathers, wood and other products.

Both manual and automatic heat presses are widely available. A new style of press that is semi-automatic has entered the market as well, allowing for a manual closing process with an automatic opening. The most reliable presses for use by unskilled labour are manual digital technology in newer machines enables precise control of heat and pressure levels and timing. The most common types of heat press employ a flat platen to apply heat and pressure to the substrate. In the "clamshell" design, the upper heat element in the press opens like a clamshell (or sandwich machine) , while in the "swing-away" design, the heat platen swings away from the lower platen.

The swing-away design has more even pressure for thicker items such as ceramics and metals.

Most heat presses currently on the market use an aluminium upper-heating element with a heat rod cast into the aluminium or a heating wire attached to the element. Machines manufactured in Europe and the USA generally use an element which is attached to the aluminium block, so that should the element burn out, it’s very quick and easy to replace.

The image or graphic to be transferred is printed on a special transfer paper which allows the image to transfer with the application of heat and pressure.

Heat presses are available  with flat platens for T-shirts and other flat materials, curved for caps, round for mugs, circular for plates and with special shapes such as for pens.

As agents for Geoknight in the USA, and MUGGIT out of the East, we distribute a wide variety of heat presses from home to industrial units.

We not only have stock on hand but also spares, and competent technicians who can repair our presses.

muggit jge heat press overview3

USA / European vs Eastern Presses

The main differences between USA / European Presses and those from the Far East are that the European / American ones, use more advanced (and thus more expensive) technology on their elements, and sturdier yet lighter weight frames. This results in three main advantages:

American & European manufacturers frequently give LIFETIME WARRANTIES on their elements. Eastern presses come with a 6-month or at most 12-month warranty on the element.

The Element itself is screwed onto the heat platen so it can be easily removed and replaced should it burn out. On most Eastern presses, the heat platen is molded around the element, so should the element go faulty the whole heat platen (which is very heavy) needs to be replaced. The heat platen is often 40% or more of the price of a new machine.

The Frames (mechanisms) are stronger, yet lighter resulting in a long lasting machine, which can handle higher volumes.

This is why USA and European presses are much more expensive than ones from the Far East, though if you calculate that these more expensive presses will last for a decade or more, they are in fact cheaper than the Far Eastern ones in the long run.

European and American presses are usually the swing-away variety. Eastern presses are usually the clamshell variety, due to cost.

Mug Press

Mug Press

Mugs are one of the hottest selling sublimation products today, outselling every other sublimation product by a factor or more than ten.

To this end, a mug press is an indispensable part of any sublimation system.
In the past we used to manufacture our own Mug presses with elements sourced from the USA. Today we have these presses manufactured for us in the East to the same standards.

We have parts and accessories for all our mug presses readily on hand, so whether you need an additional element or a repair done, we can do it quickly.

1. Muggit Blue Mug Press

  •   Most popular and affordable mug press in our range Press Mug Press Blue
  •   Digital Time and temperature control
  •   Supplied standard with an element for 11oz Mugs (85% of all mugs are 11oz)
  •   Optional Extra – 10oz Mug Element (for Beer Steins, Sports Bottles, Tea Mugs)
  •   NRCS Approved (South African Safety Regulatory Body)
  •   Extremely reliable
  •   For both Laser and sublimation transfers


2. Muggit Multifunction Mug Press

  •    Most affordable versatile mug press muggit MugPress M2 white
  •    Digital time and temperature control
  •    Supplied standard with 4 different elements – 10oz, 11oz, 12oz Cone shaped, 17oz Cone shaped
  •    Rugged Mechanism
  •    NRCS Approved (South African Safety Regulatory Body)
  •    For both laser and sublimation transfers


3. Muggit Pro Arc Mug Press

  •    Premium Grade mug press for professional results muggit heatpress mug m2 pro
  •    Digital Time and Temperature control
  •    Comes with 6 different sized and shaped elements - for both cone and straight mugs and even tot glasses
  •    The most Rugged and reliable mechanism of all our presses
  •    NRCS Approved (South African Safety Regulatory Body)


4. Muggit 5-in-1 Mug Press

  •    High Volume mug press – can press up to 5 mugs at the same timepress mug 5 in 1PNG
  •    For standard 11oz Mugs
  •    Separate timer for each slot
  •    Separate pressure for each slot
  •    Digital Timer and Temperature controller
  •    Built for semi-industrial use


All Mug Presses come with a 1 year warranty on the controller and a 6 month warranty on the element

Cap Press

Cap Press

Cap Presses are not only for pressing caps, but are also really useful for transfer prints in places that are difficult with a flat press, such as shirt collars, kit bags, polymer dog and cat bowls and so on. 

1. Muggit Pro Cap Press

  •   The Muggit Cap Press is a low cost press for all but the most strenuous work. muggit cap press heatpress combo
  •   Flexible Rubber base
  •   Hold down device to pull rear strap of cap thus holding the cap tightly in place
  •   Strong mechanism for repeated use
  •   Digital Time and Temperature settings
  •   1 Year warranty

2. Geoknight Industrial Cap Press

  •   The DK7 Cap press is a fully functional cap press for printing the front face of any sized headwear.
  •   Accepts different sized interchangeable tables for different caps (comes standard with one table)
  •   Fully digital temperature control
  •   Automatic digital timer & dual pre-press timer
  •   Digital Time and Temperature settings jge heat press press cap thumb
  •   70 Programmable presets
  •   Hardened high-strength pivot points
  •   Solid Steel framework
  •   Self-lifting gas-spring, & wide opening
  •   Cap hold-down device
  •   User selectable end-of-cycle alarms
  •   Records number of pressing cycles done
  •   Teflon-coated 3/4" thick heat platen
  •   Lifetime warranty on heat platen
  •   1 year warranty on entire press


T-Shirt & Tile Press

T-Shirt & Tile Press

A T-shirt press is the most essential piece of equipment after the transfer printer as more than 80% of all transfer printable items are flat.  For this reason, you need to be sure you get a press which not only actually works, but which can also be repaired locally.  JG Electronics has loads of experience in heat presses – we used to manufacture our own presses right here in South Africa from 1998 to 2003.  

muggit heat press geoknight thumbAll the presses come with instructions in real English, and have passed all the required SOUTH AFRICAN safety tests.  We've discovered that some presses that look like ours (because the Chinese copy everything) sold on the local market have FAILED these tests. 

Training is included at no extra charge with each press purchase.

1. Muggit 38x38cm High Pressure Clamshell Press

  •    This press generates much higher pressure – specially for use with laser transfers muggit HeatPress Econo HP
  •    Digital Timer
  •    Digital Temperature Control (calibrated in Johannesburg)
  •    Instruction manual in English written by JG Electronics
  •    Heavier than usual construction of handle and frame (made to JG Electronics specifications)
  •    Reinforced Pig Tail (Temperature sensor) for more reliable readings
  •    380 x 380mm heat surface
  •    Adjustable pressure (can press items up to 2.5cm thick)
  •   12 Month manufacturer’s warranty

2. Muggit 60 x 40cm and 38 x 38cm swing-away Press

  •   These presses have more even pressure than a clamshell press muggit press HP swing
  •   Digital Timer
  •   Digital Temperature Control (calibrated in Johannesburg)
  • muggit heat press press60s thumb  600 x 400mm / 380 x 380mm heat surface
  •   Instruction manual in English written by JG Electronics
  •   Heavier than usual construction of handle and frame (made to JG Electronics specifications)
  •   Reinforced Pig Tail (temperature sensor) for more reliable readings
  •   Works with Forever Laser transfer papers perfectly even on hard surfaces such a mirrors
  •   Adjustable pressure (can press items up to 1cm thick)
  •   12 Month manufacturer’s warranty 

3. Muggit 4-in-1 swing-away Combo Press

  •   Digital Timer and Temperature controllermuggit press 8 in 1
  •   Instruction manual in English written by JG Electronics
  •   CE Certified (European Equivalent of SABS)
  •   Comes standard with Mug Attachment & 4 different mug elements
  •   Optional Plate Attachments
  •   Optional Cap Attachments
  •   Full range of spares available locally
  •   Quality components used – not like the cheap rip offs which are so common
  •   Adjustable pressure
  •   Our most popular multifunction press
  •   12 Month manufacturer’s warranty

4. Econo 8-in-1 swing-away Combo Press

  •   Similar to the Muggit 8-in-1 press, but made with lower cost materials Press Econo Combo 8 in 1
  •   Instruction manual in English written by JG Electronics
  •   To change mug elements, you need a screwdriver
  •   Comes standard with Mug Attachment & 4 different mug elements
  •   Plate attachment included
  •   Cap attachment included
  •   Full range of spares available locally
  •   Adjustable pressure (can press items up to 2.5cm thick)
  •   6 Month manufacturer’s warranty

5.Geoknight Combo – DC-16

  •  355 x 406mm heat platen muggit heat press geoknight thumb
      Raised platen for ease of use of making caps (with optional cap attachment), and draping T-shirts of all sizes
  •   Extremely rugged design for high volume use – some units over 20 years old still working
  •   Digital Temperature controller with 70 programmable presets
  •   Teflon Coated platen
  •   SuperCoil-Mirowinding ™ element with a LIFETIME WARRANTY
  •   Digital Pressure Reading
  •   Digital Timer
  •   Records number of pressing cycles done (excellent for controlling staff and preventing abuse)
  •   Solid Steel welded Framework
  •   1 Year Manufacturer’s warranty on machine


Plate Press

Plate Press

muggit press plate d

Muggit Plate Press

  •   Intergrated Digital Timer and Temperature controller
  •   Includes 2 x Elements - smaller one for side plates and polymer bowls and a larger one for dinner plates
  •   Adjustable pressure – press items up to 2.5cm thick
  •   English instruction manual with easily understood instructions
  •   Economical on Electricity
  •   12 Month manufacturer’s warranty


Mug Clamps

Mug Clamps

There are two types of mug clamps.

The USA clamps that are ideal for high volume production environments.  The pressure on these is adjustable, so that both larger and smaller items can be put into the clamp.  When the clamp comes out of the oven it's not as hot as the cheaper clamps below, which makes it easier to handle,  Due to its construction it can be repaired as it wears out (from contant use).  These clamps are very durable and recommended for industrial use.

jge heat press clamp mug thumb

The Pro clamps give comparable quality, but are suited for smaller volumes.  As the outer shell is metal, it's extremely hot when it comes out of the oven and thus very difficult to place another mug into it while still hot.

jge heat press clamp mug pro thumb


Benefits of Using mug clamps:

  •  They allow you to produce 12-15 mugs at a time in a standard household oven or 3D Press
  •  Up to 500 mugs can be produced per day this way
  •  Save time electricity
  •  Transfers are more consistent over longer runs
  •  Less heat tape is used

Pen Press

Pen Press

Introducing something which even a few years ago was not possible - a method for printing digital full colour transfers onto pens.

Enter the Muggit Pen press.

With this press, some printable pens, a laser printer, (a white toner machine is recommended) and transfer paper it's possible to print custom pens in full colour and even gold or silver (with the forever MultitransTM gold and silver papers).

JGE PensMuggit Press Pen 250x250The pens must be made of PVC for best results (we sell pens for laser printing too)

  • Digital temperature and time control
  • Very easy to use
  • Adjustable pressure (for different sized pens)
  • Pen tray holds pen in place while being pressed
  • 1 Year warranty on the press


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