JG Electronics Empowering Entrepreneurs, One Print At a Time

Looking to start your own sublimation printing business?  We provide tried and tested cutting edge technology in photo-quality heat transfer printing, sand etching, wood burning and glass etching for both low and high-volume markets.

Our solutions give you, the ability to decorate onto a wide range of products for the corporate, gifting, and personalisation markets amongst others.

The products JG Electronics sells are thoroughly tested and researched (with instruction manuals written locally for local conditions) before being added to the products on offer.

Products which are not well supported by their respective manufacturers or where parts are not available are discarded to ensure that your equipment will last over the long term.

Why JG Electronics?

For over 30 plus years JG Electronics has been delivering profitable business opportunities to upcoming entrepreneurs, existing stores and anyone looking to start their own sublimation printing business.


With our cost-effective equipment and systems almost anyone can create a successful business without spending a fortune.

One Stop Solution

JG Electronics is your onestop shop for high quality sublimation printing products and equipment. Whether you want to customize tshirts, caps, plates, pens, shapes of mugs, puzzles, metals, plastic, or almost anything else made for sublimation printing.

A Company You Can Trust

We are the sole agency for more than 20 world renowned brands.   Showing the trust the manufacturers of these products put in JG Electronics.  If they can, so can you!

Top Brands

The vast product offering includes but is not limited to: Sawgrass Sublimation printers, Prestige DTF printers, Muggit Heat Presses, Heat transfer vinyl, Torch Paste wood burning gel, Armour Etch glass etching products, a massive selection of blank sublimation items, Cameo business vinyl cutters, a very wide selection of transfer papers for almost all print transfer technologies.

Get amazing high-quality results with our solutions

What you can accomplish with our various printing systems:

Create amazing specialised products

  • Glass etching on Glass items gives a rough frosted effect on your final product, it looks like it has been sandblasted.
  • Burn designs on wooden items using torch paste wood burning gels.
  • Heat shrink bags allow for a full wrap-around edge-to-edge transfer in small and large quantities, they are the most exciting innovations in sublimation in recent years.

Products produced with our systems can be used for:

  • Personal and corporate gifts
  • Event promotional giveaways
  • Crafts – You can turn your hobby into a profitable business
  • Signage
  • Gift ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, milestones, festive celebrations, other special occasions, and much more.
  • Brand items with logos and graphics to promote brand awareness.
Amazing personalise results
Amazing personalised results

Learn more about our Systems

Cameo 5

Providing you with outstanding service

Impressive Tech Support

Impressive Tech Support

Our expert tech support is available online, in-person, on WhatsApp, and telephonically to provide useful and helpful technical assistance quickly and efficiently for any query you may need. With our high-quality printers, our customers get a free Corel Draw Essential Design program that they can use to design their creative projects for their customers. This will assist in getting their printing and cutting journey started efficiently and productively.

Free One on One Training

Free One on One Training

JG Electronics offers impressive after-sales support and services that will make your printing experience first-class. One of these services is free one-on-one training with our skilled trainers who will help our clients learn new printing techniques and tips to enhance their printing experience so they can get the best printing results for their business. (Available for both beginners and those who have experience with printing products).

 3 Brick and Mortar Stores

Three Brick and Mortar Stores

If you visit your local JG Electronics brick-and-mortar stores in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Bloemfontein, you will be greeted by our friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff.

For contact details on our store please visit our contact us page

Efficient Sales Team

Efficient Sales Team

 Our expert sales team will give you top advice and information on all the company’s products. JG Electronics’ sales team is reachable by phone, email, or on its website. We also like to make your shopping journey a breeze by providing a 24/7 online shop.

Speedy Dispatch

Speedy Dispatch Team

JG Electronics efficient dispatch area is designed to handle high-volume orders. Your order will be shipped, with the added benefit of courier services at a fixed rate, no matter how big your order is.

Repair Workshop

Skilled Workshop

To ensure our clients never experience downtime, we have established our very own in-house workshop where our highly skilled technicians fix or service clients' printing and cutting machinery if needed.

support pack software

Powerful In-house Support Pack

Our in-house support software powered by JG Electronics provides all our customers with guidance and instructions on how to press and transfer media onto various products. The support software is also a central hub that gives all the tools you will need to find design and image templates, support videos, business costings guides, detailed instructions, and more

Equipment 2 year warranty

Excellent Warranties and Multiple Payment Options

JG Electronics is the only company in South Africa that offers a 2-year warranty on both its Sawgrass sublimation printers and Muggit T-shirt and Cap press elements. We want to assist you in simplifying your shopping experience by offering multiple payment options. We provide all our customers with 6 monthly, interest free lay-by payment options. Our MobiCred service is a simple and convenient credit facility to help you get your printing business up and running when shopping on our online store.



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From Our Clients

Marlene de Beer

My uncle ( Pieter Thomas ) was the one that told me that I must only use you for printers and cartridges only, he always praised JG!!!  We were planning on doing a couple of prints and fun stuff together as soon as they moved closer. He sadly passed away 3 weeks back, every time I wanted to contact you guys I cracked. He was the one that opened my passion for sawgrass!!!

Kind Regards Marlene De Beer
@ Maromich


Bash4Designs Newcastle started from a simple question from our son "How do pictures get put on the mugs".  This started off as a hobby from home but then grew into a weekend business with the whole family pitching in to help out.
We have been running for the past 2 years now with no complaints from any customers.  We approached JG Electronics who gave us a professional presentation on the machines they have in stock and we purchased the 4-in-1 and mug machine.  It has worked for us since. My liaison Sindie is always ready and willing to help with info and pricing and quick efficient service.
Charl has also helped us with technical advice when needed. We are looking at expanding our business and will definitely go back to JG Electronics.  Thank you again to the team of JG Electronics for the professional service and top-quality products that they stock.

Rozan de Kock

Thank you so much.  I have received my parcel.  So excited to start.  I feel sommer nervous 😀.
Wow what excellent service.  Wow wow wow.  Your instruction manuals are so clear and easy to use.  You really give excellent service.  I have ordered the 8-in-1 also with you and great great service.
Not to make anyone’s name bad but I have ordered from another company for my brother – same time as I ordered my – as there was a kit that he like over yours but their service is not a patch against yours.  In the box everything was not even included and I am waiting till now for them to send it.  There is no – ABSOLUTELY NO – instructions on even where to begin what should you use where.  So I really really want to applause you on your work.  It was a tough decision because it’s not pocket money but I don’t have a single regret.   I can not thank you enough.


Kreative Studio

Hi Jaco

Thank you so much, the paper arrived this morning. Tested it out and it works beautifully!

JG is a life saver!!


Promo Print200

Promo Print

We at Promo Print have been working with JG Electronics and Karen in particular for years – what a pleasure. I have received fantastic professional service. We are in the promotion industry in PE and timelines and quality are an issue for us so working with JG electronics definitely makes life a little easier. Stock arrives timeously and the products are good quality. I know I can rely on JGE for quality and service

We at Promo Print have been working with JG Electronics and Karen in particular for years – what a pleasure. I have received fantastic professional service. We are in the promotion industry in PE and timelines and quality are an issue for us so working with JG electronics definitely makes life a little easier. Stock arrives timeously and the products are good quality. I know I can rely on JGE for quality and service


DDA Artisan and Print

Hi Jaco en Charmaine

Ek wil graag dankie sê dat julle my klag kon uitsorteer.

Die Cameo 4 werk pragtig.

Julle het my volle ondersteuning vir al my “consumables” benodighede.

Riana Fotiadis

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