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Sawgrass Sublimation Inks

Sawgrass started the entire sublimation decoration industry and in 1996 released the first stable small printer sublimation inks, for which they were awarded International and US patents.

On large format printer more than 1m wide, Sawgrass has licenced a number of vendors to produce sublimation inks, but on the smaller printers including all desktop printers, Sawgrass in the only company in the world who can legally produce these inks.  using Sawgrass inks means that you are using the latest technology, coupled with extreme high quality and best colour matching in the industry.


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  • Bash4Designs Newcastle started from a simple question from our son "How do pictures get put on the mugs". This started
    Bash4Designs Thank you again to the team of JG Electronics for the professional service and top quality products that they stock
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