Samples made with the equipment we sell

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  • Heat Presses

    We distribute (and repair locally) a wide variety of heat presses in all shapes and sizes from home to industrial units.

  • Consumables

    We have different products you can print onto both for sublimation and also for your home printer

  • Laser Printers

    A colour laser printer / copier when coupled with the Forever range of transfer papers, gives you the opportunity to print a wide variety of products.

  • Mug Presses

    Mugs are one of the hottest selling sublimation products today, outselling every other sublimation product by a factor or more than ten.

  • Photo Blasting

    You can sandblast text finer than most people can see, as well as complex graphics and even photographs. 

  • T-Shirt System

    A plain vanilla T-shirt print system, uses a standard colour printer (be it inkjet or laser based) without any special ink. All that’s needed is a heat press and special transfer paper.

  • Transfer Papers

    We stock a wide range of transfer papers for all types of digital printers

  • Sublimation Printers

    Sole authorised agents for Sawgrass Sublimation printers, now with a 2 year warranty.

  • Vinyl Cutters

    We not only distribute the Silhoutte range of Cameo and Portrait vinyl cutters, but we also repair them locally.

  • Photo Crystals

    The Photo Crystal produces amazing quality gifts and awards, where the image looks like it’s been embedded into the crystal.

  • Promo Print
    May 8, 2003

    We at Promo Print have been working with JG Electronics and Karen in particular for years – what a pleasure.

    Promo Print
  • Ayla Hogan.
    Apr 18, 2000

    JG Electronics has given me opportunities. While I was a student I bought a mug press and the income from that paid for all my expenses.

    Ayla Hogan
  • Bash4Designs
    May 7, 2001

    Bash4Designs have been running for the last 2 years now with no complaints from any customers.

  • Irene Kruger
    Jul 5, 2015

    I am so impressed with JG Electronics. Always, always helpful, and can ask them anything and they are always willing to help. I mostly communicate with Lerato. And she is awesome!!!

    Irene Kruger
  • Lisbe Van Staden
    Apr 15, 2015

    I simply LOVE the friendly helpful staff! As a beginner I often need help, and advice and assistance is always readily available. I also like the variety of products available in store.

    Lisbe Van Staden
  • Sharne Smit
    Nov 20, 2015

    So helpful! I ordered my sublimation package from Charl and it was ready the next day! Excellent service all round, from the online chats to in-store!! Great, great! Can’t wait to go back again!

    Sharne Smit
  • Marian Joy Hopley
    Sept 2, 2015

    Was so happy to see you at Hobby x Durban. Was able to buy more blades and mats for my cameo. Thanks

    Marian Joy Hopley
  • Annerie Els
    Aug 20, 2014

    Amazing Service, these guys and gals make great effort to know their customers

    Annerie Els
  • Shirley Gillian Watts
    Mar 30, 2015

    Love your products, honesty and customer services. Thank you

    Shirley Gillian Watts
  • Hendrik Mettler
    Feb 15, 2015

    For me you are the first company to help me with information so clear ,gladly would do business with you ,and may you prosper in everything you do

    Hendrik Mettler
  • Ronnie Mulaudzi Waha Livhusha
    Dec 5, 2011

    Thnx for this 1stop for all sublimation products. Keep it well JG Electronics.

    Ronnie Mulaudzi Waha Livhusha